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LeBron James, who achieved a life dream by bringing home Cleveland's first sports title in 52 years, now draws motivation from wanting to eclipse Michael Jordan as the greatest player in NBA history. Both guys can bury the Cavs very early in this series but it will be up to Tyronn Lue to devise a strategy to impede Golden State's perimeter attack to some degree. With free agency looming, the last thing the Heat need to do is revisit anything to do with how LeBron left.

Jordan's record in the NBA Finals, as you know, is an unblemished 6-0. LeBron James has a name synonymous with the sport of basketball. Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a god given gift, and not something I worked for every single day of my life. Maybe I made you think that every shot was a game winner; that my game was built on flash, and not fire.

LeBron James admitted on Friday that he left the Cavaliers after the 2010 NBA Playoffs because the Celtics were always in his way. He then left his comfort zone, went to Miami, evolved as a player, won 2 champsionships and then did the unthinkable and went back to Cleveland.

I may not always have deserved what I demanded, I certainly didn't demand to be diagnosed with stage 2 Cancer while only being 25 years old, but the fact is that we all get what we demand or attract, and most of the time, we all do this unconsciously by letting our thought take control of our lives.

In a story by Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated , the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar admitted he remains driven - despite winning a third championship in historic fashion this past June - by the specter of surpassing Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time.

However, if you more info are half as fit as LeBron, you are in pretty good shape. TRIPLE THREAT: If the Miami Heat indeed land LeBron James , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh , they will put together 3 of the top 9 scorers from last season. You just get one more push up than the next man, one more free-throw than the next man is willing to take, that's all you got to do.

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